Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stamina issues

Battling quite a lot with stamina since the hysterectomy. If I go out during the day, ie, leave the office for something, it is more tiring for me. Tonight went out for supper (Tuesday is usually my yoga night but going back only in June) and I didn't even consider pudding because my then I was TOTALLY exhausted and it is now after 10pm and I have to get up at 5.15am to do lymph massage and then make it to gym and....
I find the lack of stamina makes things seem more insurmountable... how do I fit everything in to a day?
Meanwhile had a pain-free day today and then at about 7pm my stomach started cramping but ok now.... especially choose a restaurant where could have cucumber salad, seaweed salad and tofu .......
Tired now..

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Today is two months since I had a total hysteretomy....

.. and yes, I am physically much stronger than I was but there have been exactly two days I have felt fine since then: the Tuesday about two weeks ago when I went on a shopping binge (feeling better allowed me to go shopping rather than the shopping lifting my spirits) and last Sunday. I don't why I felt better on those days.
Apparently my irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is unrelated to the hysterectomy but as it all blurs into one, I cannot distinguish the two.
And as for this IBS. Well, last night went to a friend's new restaurant which serves only pizza. I ate about half my pizza in total trepidation but nothing happened. Nothing. Sure my stomach was bloated but it was no different to when I walked in. The pizza had cheese, anchovy, olives and parsley. Does that mean I am not gluten intolerant? And that all dairy is fine?
My tummy was fine this morning but sometime after breakfast - 1 slice 100% rye, mustard, wasabi, rocket and tuna sashimi - it started bloating. Have also had pain today and had to take my tights off as they were digging into me. That is fabulous as winter is round the corner and I tend to wear dresses and skirts with tights.
Sorry, but hard to feel enthusiastic about things when in pain and debilitated. But did go to gym today and enjoyed that.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I have irritable bowel syndrome

 I saw a gastroenterologist yesterday. He diagnosed my excessive bloating, where my stomach blows up by the end of the day, and my running to the toilet (although that seems to have decreased a bit) as irritable bowel syndrome.
He was very very thorough and I almost burst into tears when he informed me I was ok, that I didn't need a colonoscopy and no, it wasn't cancer.
Now I am trying to find a definitive and updated Fodmap list. I am so hungry and don't really know what to eat. He had said mushrooms were ok and I was about to make them for supper. Now what I have been reading on the internet says no to mushrooms. I am seeing my brilliant dietician who helped me not gain weight on tamofixen but only on Wednesday. Until then.... kinda desperate.
Oh, he said I had post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The night I came back from my holiday in Durban I had bad gastro. That was the infection, he said, that kickstarted my IBS. And the hysterectomy? I asked. "The hysterectomy set the scene," he said.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Bad health day

When I put on my green pleated skirt this morning, I thought "Wow, I must have lost weight; it is so loose at the waist".
By lunchtime it was tight. By late afternoon it was unbearable. And even though I tried to eat nothing after breakfast, and had only a cup of diet mushroom soup, I ordered a homemade ginger beer in a restaurant only to find it contained yeast. That didn't seem to help. In fact, not eating - I had only a few sips of the gingerbeer which was awful anyway - and drinking water and ginger tea didn't help my stomach one little bit. Did only go to the toilet twice though... big deal, felt like hell.
Ate spare ribs and butternut tonight. Just a bit. And a plum. Then chanced it with two blocks of Lindt coconut chocolate and I feel fine. Maybe also 'cos the tight skirt is off and I am back in my light pink cotton pajama pants. Oh the unsexiness of it all.
Roll on doctor's appointment on Wednesday. Therapist thinks it is Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome but ...
* some sites seem to suggest it can be exacerbated after a hysterectomy (never had it before) with one saying that 10% of women get it after a hysterectomy;
* it seems diagnosis can include probe of colon ie colonoscopy.... hope not.
If I got this from the hysterectomy, will go kill the doctor. No, I won't, but I cannot live like this. Just don't seem to know how I will feel. I am praying it will go away.
Oh and my therapist thinks I am very anxious. I have a feeling going to need a few more sessions in therapy than I thought which at R1000 a pop is a bit of a nightmare.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Feeling much better today

No rushing to the loo, stomach bloated but not sore; just praying that it was the supplements which I have now stopped. Also watched what I ate very very carefully - ate avo, sardines, fresh salmon and some fruit but no dairy, pickled cucumbers....
Let's see.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Not hysterectomy symtoms"

I am not charmed. In fact, am pretty upset.
After a couple of days of severe bloating (now been on the Internet googling my symptoms and really "distention" is a more appropriate word) and days of running to the toilet urgently (think went about 6 times yesterday but only twice today), I finally plucked up the courage to phone the dr (gynae). Since my explosion at him, things have been strained...
Anyway, I told his receptionist: are these symptoms to be expected, and what can I do to relieve them?
He took what felt like ages to phone me back. His rooms close at 1pm on a Friday and he phoned only after 2pm but told me that the symptoms I described to him were not to be expected two months after a hysterectomy. He said I had to see a gastro-enderologist. I am going to see the one who did my colonoscopy (think it was a year ago) and got an appointment for Wednesday at 2.30pm. Wish it was tomorrow. Cannot bear this waiting, this anxiety, this discomfort. My stomach is severely distended. I am uncomfortable and am sitting alone at home tonight while The Yoga Man went out.
I pray it is nothing serious. I keep reading colectoral cancer symptoms. I also thought it might be 'tonic' pills the gynae recommended as these symptoms seem to have started since I have taken these amino acid/mineral/vitamin combination pill since he prescribed them about two weeks ago. I have had huge problems with vitamin/mineral supplements in the  past eg a severe rash from flaxseed oil which sent me to a dermatologist (he diagnosed the cause).
I am praying whatever it is it does not need surgical intervention. The symptoms all read like inflammatory bowel syndrome but who the hell knows.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Almost myself again

Delighted to report that feeling much better. Went on a huge retail therapy jaunt to Zara in Sandton City and it was wonderful. Bought a short black fitted jacket with striped lining like my bright green one, a large tartan shawl/scarf with large black strips and studs, a maroon animal print top with leather short sleeves and a black and cream bold design top which is short in front and longer at the back.
Then as I was chatting to my one sister back at home, saying how much better I felt, I felt uncomfortable again, a part of my body on the side which my reflexologist, The China Doll, said is my colon.
But really, am sooooooo much better. And soooo happy re that.
I think going back to gym yesterday - hardly a sweaty experience but psychologically a back-to-normal event for me - plus realising that I was holding onto the anger because I wanted to declare I had been wronged, both helped me a lot.
I am not about to lick the arse of my doctor, and I still think he could have been more cautious, and I still resent this, but I feel at last I am letting go. I have been wronged, I have declared, and so be it.

Monday, May 6, 2013

So self-absorbed...

Almost forgot about this blog, I have been so self-absorbed in my little pains and traumas post-hysterectomy. Well, not all the pains have been minor.
By late afernoon my stomach has usually blown up like a balloon and I have extensive bowel problems.
Tonight, however, I feel nauseous. Felt nauseous a little last night too I remember. Not sure why.
A lot has happened since I last wrote. Went on wonderful three-day holiday to Umhlanga, near Durban, which was indulgent and relaxing and I do believe the sea-air really speeded up my healing. Either way, I made a marked improvement in my recuperation during the last five days of my six weeks off work.
And so I am back at work.
And I have also seen the therapist three times and have decided to keep going.
He says I am angry because I feel helpless and because I am actually sad. So when I am angry I must think why am I sad.
I just know that if I didn't feel so awful for at least part of every day, I wouldn't be so angry.
I am toying with phoning the doctor re my bowel and bloating problems: are they usual post-hysterectomy and if so, what can I do to ease them?
The therapist said he had a stomach op a few years back and this kind of problem is par for the course. Else I am dying of colon cancer...(says me)....