Monday, June 3, 2013

Tested positive for Sibo

When I went for the two tests today, I decided to do the lactulose one first, ie, the one that tests for small intestine bacterial overgrowth.
Usually, it seems, they do the lactose intolerance one first but, as I know I have a pure lactose intolerance and throw up if I drink milk but can eat it in changed forms eg cheese and yoghurt, I decided to avoid coming back another day for the other test, to do it first. (Was told a positive result for one test meant you had to the other test on a different day.)
Of course I didn't have Sibo, or what I now know is small intestine bacterial overgrowth. That means you get thin, well at least lose weight consistently without trying, because your food is not absorbed and hell no, that is not me.
My base measure was 7. I was told their wasn't a normal but if I tested positive, it would rise to three times my fasting level. Essentially the test consists of fasting, then you blow into a tube which gives a measurement (reading on the internet it seems to be a hydrogen level) and then you drive lactulose - whatever that is - and then you blow every 15 minutes and write down the measurement.
At first I went down to 5. Then up to 9 and then later, sky high, eventually to 29.
The doctor didn't bother to complete the two hour test. I tested positive. And my stomach was cramping and I had severe, severe diarrhea and later, I even left work early as the diarrhea was too severe. And I don't want to take immodium but will later - it now almost 7pm - if it doesn't improve.
I was also rather intrigued and horrified by what the doctor prescribed but I see now from the Internet it is what is needed  - it is Rifaximin - but for some reason it is not registered in South Africa, so the medical aid does not recognise it and you cannot claim for it, and although you must have a script for it as it is schedule 4, it can only be obtained from this compounding agency in Bryanston. So I went there - wasn't as far as it seemed - and got it.
Think the first two didn't work cos of my radical diarrhea but have just taken the next two and hopefully am ok now.
I think I am in a state of shock.
All I can do now is pray that the weeklong course of meds takes it away.
I am terrified. I do not want a major disease.
I want to take a week's leave. But wonder if I can, what with work being so precarious - new boss and all - and having been away for six weeks. But I do have leave owing and I do need a break. Lol. To digest it all, even if my body is not digesting very well.


  1. Hello where did you get the sibo test done. did you recover from this. I am going thru the same thing

    1. Any gastro-enterologist can test for SIBO.

  2. Hi, I think I might have sibo but my current GP isn't interested in discussing sibo, just diagnosed me with ibs and sent me on my way. Which doctor did you see in jhb that sent you for the sibo tests? I would like to know for sure what I have. Thanks!!

    1. Any gastro-enterologist can test for Sibo. It is a breathing test that you do in their rooms. They give you something to drink then make you breath into something which measures the levels of... ooo cannot remember - and that determines whether you have SIBO or not. I didn't even need to complete the test as the measure went skyhigh. I went to a gastro at Milpark. Elderly, very experienced.

  3. Hi there. Do you have any more information about the place that you got the rifaximin from please? I will be needing it for SIBO soon too, and it's really hard to find in SA. Thank you!

  4. Hi Gillian.
    I am Frieda from Namibia i also have SIBO and they dont have Rifaximin here Namibia. Can you kindly give me the address or contact details of the compound agency in Bryanston please i am begging. Thank

  5. The place in Bryanston, Johannesburg is The Compounding Pharmacy of South Africa.
    But you need a doctor's prescription to get Rifaximin. My gastro-enterologist gave me the script. It didn't help me but I was just unlucky in that regard. Initially it did work for a week though.