Monday, August 26, 2013

Off to London for three months

I almost forgot about my blog. Really. Been so wrapped up in my little world. Hassles here, hassles there... one of those being my stomach with its crazy bloating and pain.
Saw my thyroid doctor today and he said: "Why you not eating this, not eating that, if it is not helping?" Good point. So insisted we go out for curry tonight - been living on rice and raw salmon and yet my stomach sticks out a mile.
Anyway, am throwing away the homeopathic pills I have been taking - L-Glutamine, wild origano and pancreatin  (ja I even resorted to homeopathic which I mostly find annoying)  - and am now praying the pills the doctor prescribed today will help. Look, he is not a gastroenterologist, rather a world-renowned endocronologist (really a diabetes expert) whom I adore.. but let's see.
And can you believe it: my gastro guy is overseas and due back about a week after I head off for London. So today's pills better be the miracle I need.
Kinda bowled over by it all but scheduled to go work at a leading British equivalent (sort of)/ related company to the one I now work for, in a field I am passionate about. My company is sending me for three months. So likely to be posting from London soon.
Oh and saw my oncologist last week and I am fine!!!