Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Almost myself again

Delighted to report that feeling much better. Went on a huge retail therapy jaunt to Zara in Sandton City and it was wonderful. Bought a short black fitted jacket with striped lining like my bright green one, a large tartan shawl/scarf with large black strips and studs, a maroon animal print top with leather short sleeves and a black and cream bold design top which is short in front and longer at the back.
Then as I was chatting to my one sister back at home, saying how much better I felt, I felt uncomfortable again, a part of my body on the side which my reflexologist, The China Doll, said is my colon.
But really, am sooooooo much better. And soooo happy re that.
I think going back to gym yesterday - hardly a sweaty experience but psychologically a back-to-normal event for me - plus realising that I was holding onto the anger because I wanted to declare I had been wronged, both helped me a lot.
I am not about to lick the arse of my doctor, and I still think he could have been more cautious, and I still resent this, but I feel at last I am letting go. I have been wronged, I have declared, and so be it.

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