Sunday, February 23, 2014

The five year myth

Happy to report that I saw my oncologist, The tango man, this week and I am fine. This followed a series of tests the week before: mammogram and ultra-sound, blood tests, chest x-ray and abdominal scan. I found all the tests and the visit to the oncologist very nerve- wracking. I adore my oncologist but can relax only after he has told me the results of my blood tests and examined me. Then for hours I feel drained from the experience.
Anyway, it is now five years since I was diagnosed. I thought five years was a landmark. I never asked for a prognosis and still don't want one but everything I have read points to five years being significant.
The Tango man said no. The more years that pass and your cancer doesn't return, the better, but there is no special significance of five years.
I had considered having a party: at home or a restaurant was one dilemma. Another was whether it was selfish to rather go on holiday. Now I am spared all this. Lol!
Have to see The tango man again in 6 months. Then, if all ok - have to have blood tests - I go off tamoxifen and then see him again only in a year.
Other than this. Am fine but my weight is up and seeing the dietician on Monday.