Monday, October 17, 2011

Great news!

Had my four-monthly check-up with The Tango Man today and all is well. So relieved. Always nervewracking, especially considering I felt so well when I was diagnosed with cancer so I know that feeling great is not neccessarily any indication.
Now see him again in February, before which I have to have my annual mammogram, plus he is sending me for a chest x-ray and a abdominal scan. Guess I will be hyper hassled before all that but until then, can relax.
Two interesting things: he said that with tamoxifen, I shouldn't have taken calcium pills. "You didn't listen to me," he chastised. Well, I did and always do listen to him: he never told me although might have mentioned - or did I read it somewhere? - that tamoxifen helps the bones. Anyway, that kinda explains why my calcium was raised.
Then he also said that there was no need to take aspirin a week before and after flying. Just the day before the long flight, the day of the flight and the next day. He also said there was no need to wear special flight socks, like the nurse had told me to last year when I flew to Monaco.
Oh sad news is that darling, wonderful Joyce, the oncology nurse who called everyone "Poppie" has died. What a shock. Heard she had got sick, had had an ulcer, had a large part of her stomach cut away and now, Sister Emily tells me, she died. Can hardly believe it. Was about 30-something. Apparently leaves a 14-year-old daughter and that her husband had died when she was eight months pregnant.
What a bloody tragedy. And how ironic that she helped everyone get over and deal with their illnesses and so she helped save lives, yet now she is dead. Funeral was two weeks ago. I would have gone, I told Sister Emily, but apparently it was in Vryheid, which is pretty far away. If there is a memorial service - Emily said there would be - I will go. Hope it's not when I am away. Joyce helped me a lot and feel I must help her family in some way.....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Solved the calcium problem

It was with great relief that I heard the centre manager's voice on the phone yesterday. I was being phoned with the results of my blood tests done the day before, the ones which would check my calcium levels three weeks after stopping the calcium supplements, the ones which would tell me if had parathyroidism and needed an operation to have them removed.
Well if it was her on the phone, rather than The Sexy Doc, I clearly didn't need an operation, surely?
And I was right. So relieved that I barely asked for the results, she said my parathyroids were normal, my calcium was 2.56 instead of the normal rate of 2.55 but had clearly come down, I just had to stay off the calcium tabs. By implication my glucose was clearly also fine but there was no indication of what tests I had to have next, or when.
But I don't have to have an operation, my calcium is practically normal, and so I am relieved.
Had more blood tests today, this time for the oncologist I am seeing again on Monday for my four-monthly check-up. Now those better be ok too.