Monday, March 9, 2015

Battled with the previous posting - technically am set to go to New York. Washing all my winter clothing and getting ready...cannot wait. I am so lucky to have this wonderful opportunity although it is rather more pricey than I anticipated... Shows cost three to four times more than in London but NewYork here I come!

Off to visit New York

It's so long since I have written that I feel a bit embarrassed. I have been having a great time though and am happy to report that I had all my annual tests and am fine. I got myself into a total state over the chest x-ray and abdominal scan in particular, waiting to hear dreaded words such as "there is a little spot on your liver"but am all clear although was told to come back in 6 months for an ultra-sound on my boobs. Apparently they monitor you carefully in the 18 months after you have gone off tamoxifen...guess it's a high- risk time which is pretty scary. Also he said there is a lot of activity in my breasts but really, there is nothing I can do so am just plodding along and having fun. The radiologist (is that the name for the dr who does mammograms) says he is beginning to think that the cancer in my lymph was in fact the primary. The oncologist never said that but who knows. They never found the primary tumour.

Anyway, started piano lessons and been very busy. Loving playing the piano although battling quite a bit.. And now I am off to New York.
I am not a particular fan of the violin but always adored Itzchak Perlman and for a while have been googling where he is performing and hoping he will be in a European city I haven't visited. Well, about two months ago, after watching a YouTube video of him performing kletzmer (Eastern European gypsy music) I googled him again and guess what: he is performing at Carnegie Hall. and playing kletzmer with a Yiddish band.
After umming-and-aahing for a few weeks, I bought the best seats still available which in SA money is six times more than I have ever paid for a show, even knowing that they return policy is donating back to Carnegie. I do know one blogger I could have offered it to as a gift but if she didn't want it, kept saying "there are worse things I can do than donate to Carnegie Hall".
You see, at that point still had to have all my annual cancer tests.
Anyway, I am now scheduled to leave later this month. Spending 7 nights in NY, and seeing Placido Domingo in a MetOpera, Helen Mirren in The Audience, Ballet West at the famous Joyce Theatre, two fab musicals and pianist Murray Pirahou whom my piano teacher said h