Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Not hysterectomy symtoms"

I am not charmed. In fact, am pretty upset.
After a couple of days of severe bloating (now been on the Internet googling my symptoms and really "distention" is a more appropriate word) and days of running to the toilet urgently (think went about 6 times yesterday but only twice today), I finally plucked up the courage to phone the dr (gynae). Since my explosion at him, things have been strained...
Anyway, I told his receptionist: are these symptoms to be expected, and what can I do to relieve them?
He took what felt like ages to phone me back. His rooms close at 1pm on a Friday and he phoned only after 2pm but told me that the symptoms I described to him were not to be expected two months after a hysterectomy. He said I had to see a gastro-enderologist. I am going to see the one who did my colonoscopy (think it was a year ago) and got an appointment for Wednesday at 2.30pm. Wish it was tomorrow. Cannot bear this waiting, this anxiety, this discomfort. My stomach is severely distended. I am uncomfortable and am sitting alone at home tonight while The Yoga Man went out.
I pray it is nothing serious. I keep reading colectoral cancer symptoms. I also thought it might be 'tonic' pills the gynae recommended as these symptoms seem to have started since I have taken these amino acid/mineral/vitamin combination pill since he prescribed them about two weeks ago. I have had huge problems with vitamin/mineral supplements in the  past eg a severe rash from flaxseed oil which sent me to a dermatologist (he diagnosed the cause).
I am praying whatever it is it does not need surgical intervention. The symptoms all read like inflammatory bowel syndrome but who the hell knows.

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