Saturday, May 18, 2013

Today is two months since I had a total hysteretomy....

.. and yes, I am physically much stronger than I was but there have been exactly two days I have felt fine since then: the Tuesday about two weeks ago when I went on a shopping binge (feeling better allowed me to go shopping rather than the shopping lifting my spirits) and last Sunday. I don't why I felt better on those days.
Apparently my irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is unrelated to the hysterectomy but as it all blurs into one, I cannot distinguish the two.
And as for this IBS. Well, last night went to a friend's new restaurant which serves only pizza. I ate about half my pizza in total trepidation but nothing happened. Nothing. Sure my stomach was bloated but it was no different to when I walked in. The pizza had cheese, anchovy, olives and parsley. Does that mean I am not gluten intolerant? And that all dairy is fine?
My tummy was fine this morning but sometime after breakfast - 1 slice 100% rye, mustard, wasabi, rocket and tuna sashimi - it started bloating. Have also had pain today and had to take my tights off as they were digging into me. That is fabulous as winter is round the corner and I tend to wear dresses and skirts with tights.
Sorry, but hard to feel enthusiastic about things when in pain and debilitated. But did go to gym today and enjoyed that.

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