Sunday, June 28, 2009

beware the stiffening fingers

At first thought I was imagining it. So cancelled the message I had left for the doctor. Then phoned again a day or two later. It's true. My fingers are swelling during the night and at about 5am/6am, my rings are so tight. Then they gradually loosen.
Now going to see a lymph drainage expert on Monday. Been reading on the internet and although the specialist physio (let's call her J) said on the phone it sounds like after she has done one session, I might be able to massage it on my own, and maybe it's just a temporary reaction and good to catch it early and nip it in the bud... blah-blah (I finished radiation only on Monday), I am terrified as it sounds like I have lymphedema.
Also, went shopping today - for clothes - and realised in the dressing room mirror how burnt my skin is. Both on the area below my collarbone in a large section and also below the armpit above where the bra goes. It's deteriorated a lot since Monday.
So so much for not having major side effects. Well, that's one side of it. The other is: have miminal side effects except my fingers feel stiff (was saying earlier, thank goodness I am not a concert pianist) and also, have acted quickly on the swelling. It is so slight it cannot be seen and am seeing specialist person on Monday (only got message on Friday from doctor that I should phone J). so no need to panic yet. I refuse to have lymphedema (if only it were that easy but damnit, I should have been properly briefed re what to do and what to feel.)
more re lymphedema

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