Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A different kind of lymph massage

Since the week I finished radiation two years ago, I have been seeing The Lymph Lady. I don't have lymphedema but am high risk for it and in the past while, as in the last month, my arm has not been good because I travelled long distance (from South Africa to Paris and then Budapest) and also because I was ill before I went (sinus and tight chest and had to go on a nebuliser, even on the day I flew out) and also when I came home, and so could not do lymph massage. I did it a few time while on holiday before I became ill again, but started again on Friday.
So my arm has been a little haywire and I wore the compression sleeve for most of my trip but as it was the dead of winter, well, really only autumn but freezing for me, it didn't matter much as I also wore gloves.
Anyway The Lymph Lady is away. More than that, she had first one op on one arm and then another on the other arm and so cannot work else it won't heal. And she is unavailable till January 23 although she did see me briefly to measure my arm cos I was panicking. 
So I saw Lymph Lady 2 today. My goodness. Have seen her before as a physiotherapist. Lymph Lady Original is an occupational therapist. It appears (and I am talking here from what I can see from a website) is that she is Casley-Smith trained, which is one form of lymph treatment. Lymph Lady 2 might have a different training. It took place in Germany recently. She also did a nerve/neural stretch which Lymph Lady Original told me should never be done without movement (my biokineticist had done it on my arm).
But the most astonishing thing about Lymph Lady 2's treatment was how rough it was. Instead of gentle yet firm movements which move the lymph, this was an aggressive assault on my body, penetrating deep into the lymph nodes in the groin area, and aggressively manipulating the lymph nodes around my neck and on my back and...
Amazingly, my arm felt remarkably better afterwards, a more noted transformation than I have felt with The Lymph Lady. But now I am sore under my armpit, possibly as a result of yoga tonight. And when I did a hanging dog pose at yoga tonight, my arm hurt the same as with a neural stretch, and so I had to come out of the pose.
Am very curious to hear about others' experiences of manual lymph drainage massage.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cannot believe haven't posted for a month!

Sjoe! Been hectic and still am. Went floating down the Danube, busy writing a story about it now and haven't stopped for one second, not even on the cruise which was fab but not one bit relaxing. (Guess that is also me, always doing this and that.... )
Anyway, had the usual hassles with my arm when travelling abroad. It swelled up a little, and in fact I spent most of my holiday wearing a compression sleeve. Tomorrow see The Lymph Lady - just to be measured, as she has had an op on her arm and cannot do the massage till next month - and that will determine if I can take it off. But must say it does feel fine now, and it's evening, so intend not to wear the damn sleeve tomorrow.