Thursday, May 16, 2013

I have irritable bowel syndrome

 I saw a gastroenterologist yesterday. He diagnosed my excessive bloating, where my stomach blows up by the end of the day, and my running to the toilet (although that seems to have decreased a bit) as irritable bowel syndrome.
He was very very thorough and I almost burst into tears when he informed me I was ok, that I didn't need a colonoscopy and no, it wasn't cancer.
Now I am trying to find a definitive and updated Fodmap list. I am so hungry and don't really know what to eat. He had said mushrooms were ok and I was about to make them for supper. Now what I have been reading on the internet says no to mushrooms. I am seeing my brilliant dietician who helped me not gain weight on tamofixen but only on Wednesday. Until then.... kinda desperate.
Oh, he said I had post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The night I came back from my holiday in Durban I had bad gastro. That was the infection, he said, that kickstarted my IBS. And the hysterectomy? I asked. "The hysterectomy set the scene," he said.

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