Saturday, October 13, 2012

Settling down to normality

Felt rather shell-shocked after the D&C. Now I am just so grateful that I am ok but for the last week or so, felt shellshocked as I said. My dad died four months ago - two days ago was four months - then I got the atypical cells results from my Z-sampler endometrial biopsy, then waited three weeks to have the D&C.... now picking up the pieces again.

OO, that sounds a bit dramatic. Am fine and relieved not to be so self-absorbed re myself and my little dramas. My bloody health dramas. (Now I have a sore eye which stopped being sore yesterday and now is sore again and went to the opthamologist re it and ... but that's another story......)

Anyway, asked the doctor for the report re my D&C. Wasn't so charmed with what it said but decided not to pursue it with doctor - (was I wrong? still could)- because I needed to just calm down and carry on without the heightened anxiety I had suffered.

Anyway, this is what it said (they took specimens from the cervix and the uterus):

"Sections show an ectocervicel epithelium in which there are mildly inflammatory changes with no
evidence of etypia or malignancy. The underlying stroma shows mild inflammation and is otherwise

Specimen 2:
Sections show fragments of cervical stroma which may represent part of an endocervical polyp. There is
associated ectecervical epithelium which is unremarkable.



Looking at it now, not sure why I panicked when I read it. I know I looked up the polyp bit and it said it was unusual. Will google a bit again.

Glad all the people whose blogs I follow seem to be doing well. Happy about that too.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I am fine

I have had a month of hell ever since my six-monthly endometrial biopsy known as a Z-sampler revealed atypical cells.
Then, for various reasons, waited three weeks to have a D&C to investigate further, which I had on Monday. Got the results today. "Good news," he said. "No cancer, no malignancy, all fine.
"Nothing to worry about" he said.
He said he had scraped the uterus and the cervix. Then he used terms I didn't understand. I was in Cape Town today, and on campus at UCT, the reception kept cutting and so I didn't hear everything he said. But I ditd hear him say there was mild inflammation. I asked why, and he said it was hormone something or other, caused from the tamoxifen. I asked him to send me a copy of the report.
I cannot begin to describe the relief. I cannot wait to get back to normality, not living under a cloud of anxiety, not knowing if I needed a hysterectomy, not knowing if the tamoxifen had caused cancer, not knowing if I was going to go through it all again.....
I am fine. And it feels good. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No word yet from doctor

The plan was, as usual, to phone the gynae's rooms in the morning, then he would phone me with the results at the end of his working day. He didn't call. I became so anxious that I phoned his emergency pager, and left a message. What do I care if he is annoyed. He didn't call. So I took 20 deep breaths and went to a function.
Guess he will phone tomorrow. A colleague who also had a D&C in the past - well, she said she has had three - said she waits a week for the results. Oh well.
I don't think anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, and then went through chemo, radiation and whatever, can imagine the anxiety one feels waiting for test results. That sure does sound arrogant, but so be it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Survived the D&C

So so glad I survived the D&C. I know that sounds very dramatic but glad to be home and feeling ok and just being. And not being anxious.
The doctor said it looked ok. So guess that means that even if the result due tomorrow (expecting it Thursday) is not so good, it won't be that bad.
He booked me off work for today too. Feeling a bit of a fraud and thinking about going in later.
No longer bleeding - was very heavy, so heavy that I actually put on those ghastly plastic panties they give you at the hospital!! And the pain is minor. Did take 2 myprodol painkillers last night - had a moment of intense pain and The Yoga Man got irritated and said "Don't know why you are so anti painkillers. Just take them!" and so I did. But now the minor pain I feel is less than I felt for about a week after the Z-sampler endometrial scan in the doctor's rooms about a month ago.
Praying I am ok. 'Cos just want to get back into the normal swing of things.... if that is possible.