Monday, May 13, 2013

Bad health day

When I put on my green pleated skirt this morning, I thought "Wow, I must have lost weight; it is so loose at the waist".
By lunchtime it was tight. By late afternoon it was unbearable. And even though I tried to eat nothing after breakfast, and had only a cup of diet mushroom soup, I ordered a homemade ginger beer in a restaurant only to find it contained yeast. That didn't seem to help. In fact, not eating - I had only a few sips of the gingerbeer which was awful anyway - and drinking water and ginger tea didn't help my stomach one little bit. Did only go to the toilet twice though... big deal, felt like hell.
Ate spare ribs and butternut tonight. Just a bit. And a plum. Then chanced it with two blocks of Lindt coconut chocolate and I feel fine. Maybe also 'cos the tight skirt is off and I am back in my light pink cotton pajama pants. Oh the unsexiness of it all.
Roll on doctor's appointment on Wednesday. Therapist thinks it is Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome but ...
* some sites seem to suggest it can be exacerbated after a hysterectomy (never had it before) with one saying that 10% of women get it after a hysterectomy;
* it seems diagnosis can include probe of colon ie colonoscopy.... hope not.
If I got this from the hysterectomy, will go kill the doctor. No, I won't, but I cannot live like this. Just don't seem to know how I will feel. I am praying it will go away.
Oh and my therapist thinks I am very anxious. I have a feeling going to need a few more sessions in therapy than I thought which at R1000 a pop is a bit of a nightmare.

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