Monday, August 20, 2012

THE most traumatic day, well, half a day

Today was my six-monthly check-up with The Tango Man. To say I was anxious was an understatement. Already last night I became frantic, not even wanting to go out for dinner, which for me is most unusual as I love going out and am happy to do so all the time.
Then was fine when I woke up, and kept myself very busy (had the day off work as worked late shift of 6pm to midnight on Saturday). I did walk out the beautician but then I had booked for an express mani which takes 20 minutes, had allocated 30 minutes for it, and they kept me waiting for 15 minutes so I left. Reckon I might have done that anyway.
Then as the time got closer to 2pm and my appointment, I became beside myself. In retrospect I think it's double worse for me because I felt 100% when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, less than two months after having an "all-clear, come back in a year" mammogram. So feeling fine is no guarantee or indication of good health.
Anyway, am very happy to say, and very very grateful, that I am fine. Back again in six months and then of course there is a mammogram to have too. Don't think there is a scan. Must check. He gave me a series of papers but think it was just a Tamoxifen prescription and a list of the bloodtests I must have next time. Couldn't even make an appointment as they don't have the diary for next year yet.
Am over-the-moon. As I said to the doctor, I don't think this level of anxiety is very healthy! He said he often doesn't want to come to work because he doesn't know what he has to face, and likes all his patients. He said he knows it's not personal that I get so worked up about coming to see him. I adore him. Respect and admire him. He is a brilliant doctor. And very good-looking and sexy too, even though he is not young.
 PS: He mentioned it was two years since I finished Herceptin. I reckon no wonder I feel so good.