Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Permission denied"

I used to enjoy reading Robyn Semanko's blog,  which was titled "I am 30 years old and I have breast cancer".

Today I went to her link:  http://robynsemanko.blogspot.com/ 
and was informed that only selected people could read it. Then I clicked onto something and was told "permission denied".

Anyone know how she is and why she made her blog private? Guess that is her right but wonder if she is ok.

What it's like to go off tamoxifen

My five years are up. So I was told to go off tamoxifen.

Now I hear that many women are being told to be on it for 10 years. Why not me? I had no side effects  - except for the brief period when I was on the generic - and to be truthful, am feeling worse now. Not quite hot flushes but often quite hot...(although it becoming summer here....).

Anyone know any more about the 10 years on tamoxifen? Who goes on it and why?

Would appreciate some info.