Monday, May 6, 2013

So self-absorbed...

Almost forgot about this blog, I have been so self-absorbed in my little pains and traumas post-hysterectomy. Well, not all the pains have been minor.
By late afernoon my stomach has usually blown up like a balloon and I have extensive bowel problems.
Tonight, however, I feel nauseous. Felt nauseous a little last night too I remember. Not sure why.
A lot has happened since I last wrote. Went on wonderful three-day holiday to Umhlanga, near Durban, which was indulgent and relaxing and I do believe the sea-air really speeded up my healing. Either way, I made a marked improvement in my recuperation during the last five days of my six weeks off work.
And so I am back at work.
And I have also seen the therapist three times and have decided to keep going.
He says I am angry because I feel helpless and because I am actually sad. So when I am angry I must think why am I sad.
I just know that if I didn't feel so awful for at least part of every day, I wouldn't be so angry.
I am toying with phoning the doctor re my bowel and bloating problems: are they usual post-hysterectomy and if so, what can I do to ease them?
The therapist said he had a stomach op a few years back and this kind of problem is par for the course. Else I am dying of colon cancer...(says me)....

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  1. oh it is rough but I am so glad to hear a snippet of hope it your post. yes, you are sad and angry and have every right to be. being sick and having operations that you aren't even sure you need are horrible. you hang in there!!!!