Thursday, December 9, 2010

I've got tick bite fever!

I have found out why I feel so awful and why my lymph glands are so swollen and sore: I have tickbite fever. To be honest, I am relieved although reading up about it now, I realise how dangerous it can be. I have been told I don't have to go to bed so guess I have it mildly but am surprised that the doctor I just saw now didn't tell me not to exercise - asked my biokineticist and she said I cannot - and what it certainly proves is that oncologists, or at least the oncology centre I go to, are brilliant at treating cancer but certainly don't adopt an holistic approach.
They were very quick to tell me they were not one bit worried, great, and I am more than delighted that I don't have cancer but, as the multitude of swollen lymph nodes in my neck was evidence of an infection, I think they should have said that if I start feeling ill, I should see my GP.
Tick bite fever can be bloody serious, for example, and I was prancing around wondering for how long I had to walk around like this.
Anyway, it was The Yoga Man who insisted: don't take your car to the garage today (the front bumper was loose); go to a doctor; your health is more important than your car which did kind of piss me off as I always do prioritise my health more than anything else.
If you don't have cancer, the oncologists don't have time to deal with you. So you need to take action.
But I did listen. Cancelled the garage and then set my alarm for 2pm to see how I felt. I did feel better today than I felt last night. But when a friend at work told me I look terrible (I had also thought my eyes looked funny this morning and I was thinking I should maybe wear some eye-liner), I decided: that's it and phoned the oncology centre.
Joyce, I said to the nurse, I know I am annoying you but I need to ask you two quick things. The left side and the right side of my neck were scanned, but not the back 'cos it was not sore (and remember I had one swelling on one side when I went to the centre on Tuesday where the oncologist then found more lumps and the radiologist even more)....So, I said to Joyce, I now have a large bump on my head which is bloody sore and lots of bumps at the back of my neck. Now is this a problem? Should I be worried that they have not been scanned?
Also, I said, I don't feel good. At all. Should I go see my GP? Yes, she said, maybe you should and then if he is worried at all, he can phone The Tango Man and he will take the call.
So I phoned the doctor who was able to see me straight away. Brilliant. So off I raced and within one minute of being in his rooms, he looked behind my ears and told me I had tick bite fever. Now, I have no idea how I got it. But I am totally relieved that I now know why I have so many swollen lymph glands in my neck area. And I feel good to think that my body is healthy and fighting this infection and that I am not collapsing but am bearing up pretty well.
Of course, now I am worried that a bite on the left side of my body is threatening to my borderline lymphedema, and just to top it all: the bumper of my car came loose, became tangled below my car, I paid a  carguard at the centre where I went to the pharmacy to get the medication R10 to take it off (it took one second) and now it's a crumpled heap on the back seat of my car, which means I not only have to have it attached properly to my car, I have to get a new bumper!
But it sure beats having cancer!!
Oh, read more about tick bite fever in south africa


  1. Is this similar to Lyme disease? We have that here from ticks. I got it while in my second go with chemo. Started spiking very high fevers & got the tell-tale bullseye rash. Big-time antibiotics (for a month) & all was fine.

    But very happy this is the result of a tick & not something worse! Take care & I hope you feel better very soon.

  2. I think it is the same or similar cos when I googled tick bite fever, Lyme disease came up and it seemed pretty much the same.
    Horrified to hear it took about a month to get better.... but must admit am feeling much better although far from perfect.

  3. I actually felt better pretty quickly, but the standard treatment was a month of cipro.