Sunday, September 8, 2013

Off to London in three days

Think I am giving up salads. Went out for lunch today. Had grilled fishcakes which came with salad and stomach ballooned.
Then tonight had oat crackers with parmesan and brie cheese. And a naartjie. And feel sooooo much better. The salads don't work for me now. And decided tonight: so what if I love salads. I will just learn to love something else.
Leaving for London in two days' time. Quite apprehensive; also pretty excited. Going for work. For three months.
Will write from there.
Oh and also got diagnosed with e-coli last week. Second time in a short time and pretty sure that is what I had after that dreaded hysterectomy too. Dunno why. But think it is sorted now. Took meds. Ciprobay.
Also apprehensive re my arm swelling on the long distance flight. Have booked lymph appointment in London for can do only what one can do.
Was thinking how anxious I have been in the last six months. The hysterectomy which I should never have had and now the stomach hassles which often get me down... Oh, had one day this week when my stomach was flat. No idea why. But went out in a skin tight dress with ruffles and felt like a million dollars!!!! By the next morning was bloated again although what I ate at the function that night was all on the fodmaps list of what is ok to eat.....
All a puzzle.