Monday, April 20, 2009

reader from brazil

Wow! Someone from Brazil has been reading this blog. And have more readers in the US than the UK. And think most of my own friends, apart from a handful, don't read it. Interesting that. Wish my main topic was more cheerful.
Had a dip this afternoon. Left work early - at 4pm - and The Main Man saw me and I didn't even care cos was feeling yuch. The truth was that I had looked in the mirror earlier and I had looked like a ghost - so pale and wan. Then came home and ate and felt momentarily better than went to sleep, feeling shit. And can u believe it? My state-of-the-art thermometer is in another bag and not here with me. And all because I bought a beautiful new black leather bag - super large - and did not transfer all my goodies into it.
Also, this afternoon there was an announcement - well, at least that is when I saw it; this morning it was a different story - that special votes for the disabled, those who gonna be out the country etc - well, registration would be allowed until 5pm today (it had previously been said it had closed on March 27). Well silly ol' me, who is usually so organised, did not arrange a special vote and now I am hassled that I will not be able to vote in the general elections on Wednesday.
Oh the point I was making that my ID book is not in my new bag and cannot register for special vote - would have been allowed to vote straight away. And as I saw it only at a few minutes to 4pm, and registration closed at 5pm, there was no time to go collect it and make it for voting. Plus I did not feel well enough for the mad dash.
Cliche, cliche, yes, but really dislike being sick. But ok now I think. At least I woke up before my alarm went off - although had increased the sleeping time twice - and now gonna see if I get up outta bed and do the few things I had planned to do tonight.
Damn this chemo and the immune-compromised week it brings. On the other hand, welcome the chemo because at least there is something that can make me better.

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