Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Survived the D&C

So so glad I survived the D&C. I know that sounds very dramatic but glad to be home and feeling ok and just being. And not being anxious.
The doctor said it looked ok. So guess that means that even if the result due tomorrow (expecting it Thursday) is not so good, it won't be that bad.
He booked me off work for today too. Feeling a bit of a fraud and thinking about going in later.
No longer bleeding - was very heavy, so heavy that I actually put on those ghastly plastic panties they give you at the hospital!! And the pain is minor. Did take 2 myprodol painkillers last night - had a moment of intense pain and The Yoga Man got irritated and said "Don't know why you are so anti painkillers. Just take them!" and so I did. But now the minor pain I feel is less than I felt for about a week after the Z-sampler endometrial scan in the doctor's rooms about a month ago.
Praying I am ok. 'Cos just want to get back into the normal swing of things.... if that is possible.


  1. Happy to hear that things "look ok." I know it's not definitive, but things can certainly look definitively not ok.

    Allow yourself the day off, if it's not a financial hardship and/or it's not better for you to keep yourself busy with such things. Physical pain's not the only reason you could use a break right now. (Thus ends my declarative advices from thousands of miles away.)

    Fingers crossed for you.

    1. Thanks. Are you in Romania or the US? Oh and it's not afinancial hardship to take the day off as I work for a company and we get something like 27 days of sick leave a year. I am just facing a problem this week, as work on weekly deadlines and my darling aunt died and going to Cape Town for the funeral on Thursday. But that (well, missing work and making deadlines) will just have to take a sidestep this week.