Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Took a local flight and....

Went to Cape Town to see my dad. Think the combination of pushing him around in the wheelchair - how he now gets around when he goes out - plus the two short local flights (2hrs each way), have messed up my arm a little. Oh, and the fact that I had a little bit of an eating spree shortly before I left. And that little weight gain - 1and a half kilo - is bad for my arm.
Plus I didn't exercise on Monday 'cos was away (usually gym on Mondays), then didn't go today because had to go a funeral and had to make up the time (funeral of a 40-year-old former colleague and mother of two boys aged eight and six who died from an anneurism). Then cannot go tomorrow (well, want to go, but need to collect tickets for a jazz festival from the city centre and The Yoga Man has just persuaded me to miss tomorrow as I am on deadline at work and under pressure...
He has also told me that whenever I fly, I complain that my arm is up.
And it really is. It is slightly warmer during the day - but freezing at night and at the moment am glued to the heater - and put on a short-sleeved knit top this morning, and the bloody thing pinched slightly on my arm. I immediately took it off and threw it back into the cupboard.
Anyway, was over-eating cos was doing it compulsively (look, had one day of had eating and am sure will look the weight within a day or two) and that is also linked to why I haven't been writing: been preoccupied with something which is not related to health issues and isn't anything I want to write about. Not life-threatening so nothing to worry about; just something I need to sort out and which has made me super-stressed. And it's not relationship hassles either... anyway, all will be resolved.


  1. Gillian, I am an 'emotional' eater; as soon as I am stressed I look for sugar which, I believe, should be off the menu for all of us.
    I gained 3kg and both my doctor and Bowen Therapist suggested it could be fluid from my lymphoedema arm. Did your arm get worse with the flying?
    Do hope things settle for you.