Thursday, August 4, 2011

What I have learned in the last three and a half weeks

I have had a sore throat which developed into flu-like symptoms and then sinus problems, been on antibiotics for nine days (finish them tomorrow) and have not been to gym or yoga for almost a month.
I have learnt:
* that despite doing only sporadic lymph massage - twice at visits to The Lymph Lady and about once at home, I have not developed lymphedema;
therefore, I need to relax about my arm, about being high-risk/borderline lymphedema; and
* if I don't exercise, my coping mechanisms are radically diminished. This has not been a surprise to me; I always say I could not lead my busy lifestyle, often doing things/chores/whatever before work, going out every night except Mondays, even if it is just to an exhibition opening in the evening, and doing manual lymph drainage massage for 50 minutes to an hour per day, if I didn't exercise. This recent bout of minor illness but with not being able to exercise, and each time I did/had lymph massage, getting sicker so having to discontinue doing it again......showed me how ratty I get, how unable to get things in perspective. And it didn't help that have been through a rather trying time in one context (not health luckily).
Was so anxious about my arm that I eventually went to the doctor. "I don't give a shit about being sick," I said. "I just wanna be able to do lymph massage. And exercise".
Ironically, now that I am 98% better, might not go to gym tomorrow as need to do a couple of urgent things, eg, have the gate buzzer repaired as the locksmith replaced the battery and now it doesn't work, and go to The Listeners' Library (am addicted to listening to books in my car).
* Oh, forgot the 3rd thing I learnt: humidifiers are not for finicky, wacky, fragile people. They work. The entire bedroom floor was wet this morning 'cos I had it at such high intensity but after two nights of having it one throughout the night, I was able to do lymph massage this morning - without becoming sicker. Viva humidifiers!


  1. Are you now on the mend? I hope you are feeling lots better.

  2. Sounds like a 'happy ending' Gillian. Boy! You are so self disciplined with your manual lymphatic massage that you deserve to get the best results possible.