Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Variation of lymph massage

Feeling a little alienated from this blog. Think it's because I do not want to write about what's been occupying my mind (I did mention it in my last posting). Well, it's not just something I would prefer not to write about, I cannot. (Gosh, now doesn't that sound dramatic!)Luckily, it has nothing to do with my health.
Well, anyway, want to document that I have now had to add an additional move in my twice-daily manual lymph massage. The other day I was waiting to see The Lymph Lady. I had already taken my top off and as she was delayed, I lay on the massage bed and read my book (I tend to schlep a book everywhere, sometimes for months without opening it....). When she then walked in, I was lying on my side with the book and so she then saw me from a different angle to usual and noted that my left boob was bigger. "It could always have been like that," she said. And I think it was. I think one was bigger, in the same way that my left foot is a slightly different size to my right one (cannot remember now if it is smaller or bigger).
Anyway,I think that it is a little fuller. Which could be part of the borderline lymhedema from the radiatherapy I had. She said the main way to determine that is in the feeling - does it feel sensitive and tingling, does my bra feel tighter. There is no different feeling thank goodness but to extra careful, she has added in a move. Moving the hand from the bottom of the left breast but still on the breast rather than below it, in a swipe up the sternum, to the top of the right breast and under the armpit.
Oh and my arm was up half a centimetre on the top when I saw her on Monday but as other parts of it were down, it is ok. But that feeling I had of it being awful was not imagined - it is up on the top but luckily nothing to be fearful of, provided it goes down again next time I see it. And it's all within my usual range, she said.

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