Thursday, February 10, 2011

Z-Sampler all ok

Got the results of my Z-Sampler - the horrible, horribly sore test/scrape for endometrial cancer - and it's all normal.
Monday going to see the doctor re having a colonoscopy. He wanted to do the procedure straight after the consultation but as I have never had one before, wanted time to prepare myself for it. Colon cancer is in the family and my mother was diagnosed with it about five days before she died - felt the lump on the Thursday night, saw doctor on the Friday, had a colonoscopy on the Monday, was told she was a perfect candidate for an operation, which was then scheduled for the following week - and died in the early hours of the Saturday morning, days before the scheduled op. Strange indeed.
Be that as it may, have had one other niggly health hassle. Got oral thrush over the weekend. Just like I had when I had chemo - although then it was worse as it spread to my throat. Had ceremoniously thrown away all that dreaded yellow gunge (Nycostatin) dotted around my home and workplace and work bag and gym bag quite recently, but had mouth wash recommended by the oncology centre and although it had expired in October last year, used it and two days later, it was gone. Feels like it is now back, but only slightly.
When I looked on the internet for causes of oral thrush, I felt suicidal but I know going to the internet for medical info, rather than respected websites, is dangerous so will wait and see.
The Yoga Man says I am obssessed with my health. Trying not to rush to the doctor for the slightest thing but it did save my life, I am sure, that I went to the doctor the same day I felt the lump, despite having had a mammogram and ultrasound less than two months before....
Anyway, cos am trying not be health-obssessed, have held off making an appointment after the gynae on Monday remarked that it seemed the ganglion on my hand was not a ganglion and I should see a hand surgeon, going on to recommend some. I cannot have surgery on that hand as it is the side which is high-risk for lymphedema but will ask The Lymph Lady on Monday for her opinion - she specialises in hand rehab..... one of her specialisations.
Otherwise, am very well. Chuffed to report that have kind of kept my weight down - am now up half a kg but now 1.4kg more than when I was diagnosed two years ago so not so bad considering I am on tamoxifen - and went to the symphony concert last night and off to three art exhibition openings tonight and then to a friend for dinner.


  1. Glad all is OK. And good work on maintaining your weight! It's tough on tamox. I've known lots of women who gained a LOT on it. It definitely takes more work, but you're proving it's quite possible to keep the gain to a minimum.

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words. Look I was fat when I got diagnosed and now am 1.5kg more but at least am maintaining my weight. Bizarre - eating less yet weighing more. But it's ok.Not unhappy at this weight. Not thin but not too fat.... gonna start cutting down on fruit to lose more... but we have such wonderful fruit here in South Africa...