Monday, February 7, 2011

The dreaded Z-Sampler

Last time I felt I had shrieked so loudly, I felt the whole of Linksfield Clinic - well, at the very least those on the ground floor buzzing around the coffee shop - must have heard me.
This time I thought it might be a bit better, cos I had had it before, and so was prepared and after all, I kept thinking, it's not like it goes on for ever.
Well, I just remember saying to The Prof (my gynae), "please stop!"
But of course he had to finish the procedure. And my tummy, below the belly button, did hurt like before, but not so badly.
Basically the Z-Sampler is like a pap smear but of the uterus. And it hurts like hell. Well, for me it does. But I need to have it done because tamoxifen can cause endometrial cancer and they need to monitor it. I get the results on Wednesday.


  1. Thanks. Apart from my one sister, never spoken to anyone else who has had the Z-Sampler. But at least it's over now, for another six months!