Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Been kinda chilled

Been trying not to spend all my time on the computer and to read more, plus also trying not to obssess re my health, so have had a few days break from blogging.
Healthwise am ok, although:
* went to the GP over my swollen glands and oral thrush. He acknowledged both and suggested I go for a diabetes test - at some point. My thryoid doc has suggested that too, but in October when I see him next, so will do it then. Luckily my mouth now seems fine. Went and bought that dreaded yellow gunge Mycostatin, used it once, and now the problem seems to have gone away. Thank goodness. Seems crazy to think I could have type 2 diabetes when I eat so damn healthily and exercise....So far, so good though;
* went to see the gastroenterologist about having a colonoscopy. It seems that the familial link is not really there, that those that have that type of colon cancer get it by 40 and my mom and her two siblings were in their late 70s or 80s when they died. Not sure how old my uncle Harry was though when he was first diagnosed but I know he had it for years and pretty sure was 80-something when he died.
Despite that, doctor agreed that I should have one. Dreading it. Cannot bear the thought of anything being wrong with me. Two things were hilarious though. As I cannot risk having blood pressure taken or a needle used on my left arm, which is high-risk for lymphedema, he suggested I wear a tag on that arm to remind him!Also, when he asked about my eating habits, I was horrified at how I knew exactly what I ate, down to having had 750ml of water that day already, one cup of green tea, one cup of chai tea... etc etc.... I explained: twice I have gained weight without eating more: once when I had thyroid and gained weight uncontrollably even though my thyroid was overactive and I should have got skinny; and more recently from tamoxifen although that is now under control. So I am hyper aware of everything I put in my mouth, both good and bad, and without feeling guilty, am just very aware...
Miss Daria and her blog, Living with Cancer. Strange that....I so enjoyed her positivity and her wonderful what-can-I-do-about-that-problem attitude to everything.
Meanwhile, am very busy. Lots on the go, what with Dance Umbrella and symphony concerts and, oh, work of course.In fact, the only reason I am at home tonight is cos the author's talk and dinner I was meant to go to was cancelled. Toyed with movies but then thought that a quiet night might be a good idea......

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