Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feel like a new person

Tomorrow is International Cancer Day and two years since I started chemo.

Somehow, since I have been given a clean bill of health, to the point where I can now increase my exercise and see the oncologist a little less frequently, I feel like a new person. I am now me, instead of someone with cancer or someone having cancer treatment or someone who had cancer.

And I am confident that today, at least, I am cancer-free. I pray it stays that way.

I am feeling very emotional about it all. So much so that I feel like throwing a huge party. Don't have the money to do so now; maybe later.

But starting the party vibe by taking cakes - probably chocolate croissants from Fournos - to the oncology centre tomorrow, both the chemo and radiation sections.

Incidentally, my arm is not feeling great but trying not to think about it and praying that it will go down by Monday, when I see The Lymph Lady.


  1. Gillian it is wonderful to see you 'cancer free' and showing gratitude.

  2. Thanks. But isn't everyone in this situation grateful? I am lucky; have been cancer free since about April 2009 - had a complete response to the four chemo sessions I had and the cancer went away completely. All the rest of my treatment, which finished about six months ago (apart from the pills, tamoxifen, which I am still on), was preventative.