Wednesday, June 3, 2009

why vitamins are a no-no

When I started radiation two and a half weeks ago - if all goes well, I am half way through my 25 sessions today - I was told "no vitamins". No hassle, I thought, I don't take vitamins; before I got cancer, I ate very healthily and despite all the claims that our food lacks nutrients, felt vitamins are a waste as the excess is merely elimated by the body.
Anyway, I merrily went about things, until I went to a fashion launch. About to pick up a cocktail, I stopped in mid-aim. "Vitamin-enriched water!" shrieked the sign next to the enticing looking drinks. Oh no, not for me, I thought.
Then on Monday, while shopping for aqueous cream, I stared at my usual one and again, stopped in mid-aim, this time simultaneously dialling the oncologu centre. True enough, I was using the wrong acqueous cream for there on the outside of the jar it stated clearly: "Vitamin enriched".
Asked them yesterday why vitamins were verboten (have since bought two different kinds of cream and, at their suggestion, schlepped them along to the oncology centre for approval). Anyway, as I was saying, asked them why vitamins are verboten and got a simple, straight-forward succinct answer: "Cos vitamins tend to heal and we want to destroy". Couldn 't have put it better myself.

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