Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Made it back to gym

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer (January 15 2009) and then after three weeks of tests and many doctors and as many opinions, I finally choose The Tango Man to be my medical oncologist, I was banned from gym. That was it. The chemo I was going to start with could affect my heart, then the radiation would compound it, followed by herceptin which is also a risk for the heart.
Now last week or so the radiation oncologist said I must go back to gym. But cannot get too out of breath so that I cannot talk and must not get so sweaty that my gym clothes chafe against my skin (the radiated upper left chest, throat and back area).
Well today was the day. Had decided that the only way to gym under such stringent conditions - well, the safest way really - was to do so under the skillful eye of a biokineticist.
Now that's all well and fine but when it came to the crunch was rather in a panic - what do I do about my still mostly hairless head? Eventually I opted for my black cotton cap(in case my hat fell off) plus a blue soft hat (my late mom's).
And I survived, even if I looked like a frummer (a religious Jew with my head covered) and even if the 30 minute appointment was the longest half hour ever. "Think I can get a 15 minute appointment?" I laughed. Had two bios with me, the main oke plus Lauren, who will be taking me, and it was almost a joke. I found everything so difficult, despite during fairly regular exercise at home (did 25 minutes this morning, for example). But then at home have focused on low-energy (had to really) plus recuperative yoga.
Felt good afterwards but decided there and then not to try to make yoga tonight. After yesterday's depressive state, had decided that had to force myself to go to yoga, even if I did not have the stamina to complete the class. But no ways can I do gym as well as yoga in one day.
Had no idea exactly how much all this treatment has taken it out of me. What I experienced at gym today was far, far more than just unfitness. It is like my body is unused to moving, to being exerted. I became tired and out of breath so easily. But I will survive and I did enjoy it.

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