Monday, June 8, 2009


Now I know that an excessive use of exclamation marks is so not cool but hell, I deserve the three I have pasted after "relief" in the title here.
I feel relief!!! And another !!!
Have spent the last week hassled cos I was swollen in the area of my collarbone. Cancer there would be worse than the cancer I had. Doctor said she would monitor said. She did. And today sent me off for a scan. Said it was highly unlikely but could be cancer (The Tango Man had said the radiation might not work and then I would need surgery, or, she said, it could be a clot. Before I vomited all over her desk, I asked what a clot would mean and she said very matter-of-factly "anti-coagulating medication". She also said something about swelling there being unusual.
Oh well. Lying there on the bed in the darkened room (at Morningside Clinic) waiting for the doctor to come do the ultrasound scan was not my favourite time. Neither was last night when I tried to think about what it would mean to have cancer again and try as I might, could not picture myself going for chemo again. Needless to say, not my best night.
Well thank God and whoever else is out there looking out for me, I have neither a clot nor a tumour. He saw two lymph nodes but he said they are normal and that if I scanned him, he would have them. On the right side, which he was not asked to scan, he found one lymph node, also normal. On the left axillary, below my armpit where I had had two cancerous lymph nodes, there was nothing.
"Let's check your thyroid," he said inexplicably, and then said I had had an infection there in the past and it was not working properly. "Oh, I know," I said, unconcerned and with a big smile on my face, "I have had huge thryoid problems in the past". We briefly discussed my medication then he asked if I had had it irradiated. No, I replied, it destroyed itself.
Find it fascinating that he could see my thryoid was fakked. But that is nothing. The daily 0.5g of eltroxin I take daily sorts that out. For now so happy that I can continue on my path of getting better.

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