Tuesday, June 9, 2009

in the waiting room

Chatted to others in the radiation waiting room today. First time. Think it was a comment about the traffic which started it. This lovely bouncy older lady said it was if no-one was on the roads, she had got here so quickly; I responded how I had been stuck in a jam cos of a robot (traffic light) not working and then we started chatting.
She had also had breast cancer - i kept staring at her yellow/blonde hair but it looked like her own, or was it a wig? - but had had eight chemo sessions as opposed to my four. And her last four were not the AC chemo I had had but something more radical - as a result, she had lost one thumb nail (she showed me where it was growing back), two of her toenails, had temporarily lost some of her hearing - gathered when she mentioned how even her daughter sounded differently on the phone that that had upset her a lot - and still had little to no sensation on her fingertips and her toes - all walking felt it was on sand, she said.
Fakking hell. I had almost had one split nail but it never did break into half and apart from slighly sore arms and one purplish-veined hand, have no permanent effects of the chemo.
And I had no surgery. Felt really guilty when I said that. I must be one of the view people who had breast cancer who did not need surgery.
I am lucky.
Which is not to say am not miserable. But that is not to do with my health but the damn workplace. Am sooooo tired but only when I am there. Funny that.

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