Monday, June 1, 2009

hi ho, hi ho, it's.....

Mmm.... not the best of days but eventually feeling ok to write. Was angry with doctor today. She was angry because I mentioned something about lying down in the bath and apparently that is not allowed. But I was not told.
Fact is, have been feeling I have been told very little about this cancer and what to expect. Managed with the chemo but with radiation, where there are things one can do and not do, hell, how was I to know one cannot lie down in the bath cos it affects one's skin?
Thinking about it, I only knew and understand the chemo immune-compromised week and what to do and not do cos there was a woman from a support group at my first session. Merely handing out sheets of paper, as the oncology centre did with the chemo, or a booklet, as they did with radiation, is not sufficient. What happens if one has poor comprehension skills? I don't but I have still gone wrong.
The doctor was insistant that the booklet said not to lie down in the bath, but I showed her that it did not. Either way, came back to work and re-read the booklet to make sure am following all the rest of the intructions.
Then got upset cos my throat is sore cannot swallow food - and she forgot to look at it. I know it makes me sound silly but I am hardly passive yet she had marched out before I remembered she had not looked at my throat as promised.
Ok, was another problem too. The area around my collarbone is swollen again. Had it scanned before and it was fine. She marched off to get my file from The Tango Man to see what he had said about it. Said she would monitor it and I might need another scan. But said it was soft - ie nothing seemingly there - but swollen.
Ho hum. And as for work, which took away the bulk of my job cos advertisers wanted the colour page it was on.. did not make my day much better.
But relaxed now. If sleepy. G'night.

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