Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my new favourite thing

My new favourite thing is actually three things - three strands of clay beads I bought in Lesotho recently. When you run your fingers through them, they have this gentle scratchy sound and they look magnificent, all earthy and hell, dunno. And at R14 each, a steal.
The other new thing I really like is a multi-coloured, candy striped kikoi, or cotton sarong from Kenya, see gallery of kikois, I bought at Cape Town airport.
At last I can enjoy things again, after yesterday, when I was a strung-out wreck.
Now apologies to my radiation oncologist. Okay the swelling around my collarbone might not go down and I might need a scan next week but really there is nothing I can do about it now. But last night I was super upset because I had told her my throat was sore, that it hurt when I swallowed food and she had done nothing about it.
Well, walked in this morning and was suprised when they did not take me during the first gap between patients. (I am usually early for my daily dose of radiation and get taken immediately, as found out they often double-book patients, being able to fit in two during a 15 minute appointment/session.)
Then it was explained: my treatment was being changed, in order to take away some of the focus on my throat. Hoorah!! The doctor had heard me.
Ate soups and yoghurt all day but managed some smoked snoek (also bought at Cape Town airport)this morning and evening, eating it with apricot jam read how to braai snoek smearing it with apricot jam in the true Western Cape - or is it boere? - style. Did try some Lindt 70% but that kinda hurt. Pity.

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