Friday, May 29, 2009

going away for the weekend

What a relief to be going away and it's not a family tragedy or I need to have a bloodtest to check my white and red cells and platelet levels to ensure my immune system is strong enough to fly, be among lots of people and be away from my doctor.
So really looking forward to my gastronomic experiences in Cape Town. Not going to take my laptop.
But just to say, my friend Margaret is meeting me at the airport and we are going to La Colombe in Constantia .La Colombe's menu for lunch, recently voted in the top 100 restaurants in the world. 38th to be precise.S. Pellegrino's 2009 Top 100 Restaurants in the World
Then off to Cape Grace hotel in the evening - it's at the Victoria and Albert Waterfront - for dinner at Signal restaurant. Signal's menu.
Sunday is open to impromptu choices - possibly breakfast and lunch out - but it will be a family friendly venue at least for lunch to include my sister's two kids who are comfortable in posh places but might not enjoy them so much.

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