Sunday, May 17, 2009

feeling the chemo leave my body

Tomorrow is six weeks since my last chemo session. And hopefully my last ever ever as it worked and the cancer is gone, gone, gone and from now on, so c, it's just preventative treatment so that it stays away forever and ever.
And what is amazing and making me feel so bouyant at this moment is that I can really feel my body come back to normal. It's hard to clarify but I feel more energised, less bogged down by niggling side-effects and generally more able to do things.
At the same time, have to add that this past week was seriously hampered by exhaustion and one day left work a little earlier than normal cos was just not able to focus anymore. (But this weekend felt fine and have written a story and gone out and relaxed, so cannot complain about my energy right now...)
Also, am feeling other long term effects of the chemo such as my arms feeling less mobile from the burnt veins. So whereas now I can touch my hands and lower arms, albeit not harshly, if I just stretch out my arm it hurts. So too does dressing eg putting my hands into pantihose to put them on, or pulling on a top with a tight sleeve.
Then there are other new and ghastly impacts of the chemo but they will be overcome in time and you know what? I really do feel better.
And the cancer has gone.
Now let's hope that the radiation tomorrow does not bring new challenges. But whatever, I will deal with it. Although have to admit am a little apprehensive. It's a whole new experience but then I had no idea what the chemo involved either.

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