Sunday, May 17, 2009

writing a blog

In my last position, where staff were encouraged to have blogs as part of their work, I used to get sooooo irritated with people who seemed to spend their days saying: "Ooo, should I post that pic on my blog?", "Guess how many people read my blog yesterday" and "Oh my goody goodness, I got a comment!" and other annoying things.
Then I joined the fray***. And really, am still bowled over that someone from the Republic of Moldova is reading/has read this blog and just noticed have five readers from France and so on.
But now The Empathetic One has also started a blog. And the competition is on. Now I am lamenting that my blog is not on which seems to have better features and layout options, and I am constantly nagging: "So what are you adding now?" in my special whining, childlike tone which annoys even me. (Don't think I use it often though.)
Must say though: blogging is time-consuming but I do enjoy it. Often wish I had more cheerful things to say but do want to record my journey with/without/alongside cancer and how it affects me. One complaint: why do so few people post comments?

*** The day I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Thursday January 15, was the day I decided to start a blog. And to go to therapy to deal with it. Both took me about a month to get started but have not regretted either. Have regretted getting diagnosed with cancer though. What a fak up. Changed my life in ways I could have done without but am determined to overcome all problems, no matter how disheartening it may seem at times.

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