Monday, May 18, 2009

what a day

Was apprehensive about today cos it was my first radiotherapy treatment but it was eclipsed by a call from my sister saying she was booking my dad into hospital. Thank God he is ok - just bronchitus - but my goodness, he had had an ECG and had fallen this morning as he was so dizzy.
He is going to be in hospital for about two days but luckily he is ok. My sister says he is in the bed right next to the one where my mom died just two months ago.
Apparently my dad is kinda enjoying himself, craking jokes and interacting with all. When I spoke to him this afternoon he sounded well, and his spirits were certainly high but that was before he saw the doctor so I was still anxious. Now he is fine. The doctor said he doesn't look his age - a remarkable 87 - and is very strong. What an amazing man.
Anyway radiation was ok. They said I need to wear cotton sports bras so glad I had already bought five and gonna buy about two more but said i don't need to wear loose cotton tops all the time (had bought five of those as well). That's fine cos did not plan on wearing on to the book awards launch party anyway....
Chest feels sore but then i often have pain there.
Bumped into Erica, the head oncology nurse, at the centre and she said radiation has an accumulative effect, unlike chemo, and you get bone tired.
Have also changed the times of my appointments so will only be going at 4pm again towards the end of the treatments.
And the actual treatment? Hard to tell as they also gave me x-rays to check the positioning of the beams and just when I tried to close my eyes and practise some visualisation, they would come running in (two of them) and I would hear these heels coming in and out. Apparently they have to check the positioning and I have five different beams/places where the radiation is going. Will ask more when I see the doctor again which is next week apparently.
But the actual radiation is quick. They (the two "whatevers" in the heels) said they don't work in time, they work in dose, and that i will get the same dose every time but as the electricity current might be different, might not be the same duration each time but it's about five minutes (think that's what they said).
Anyway, next dose is tomorrow at 9.15pm. Do have a funny feeling, sorry, taste, in my mouth but not sure what that is from.
Oh and major relief that handed interview in.

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