Tuesday, May 12, 2009

facebook and linkedin

Having fun connecting with old friends via facebook and linkedin. Tonight made soup my friend Avra from Israel gave me the recipe for - a combination of pumpkin (I used butternut), carrot and sweetpotato (I left out the onion as have a, hopefully dwindling, food intolerance towards it but sure one would have it even nicer) and then later chatted to my friend Alan whom I met at varsity - he was at the boys' res opposite mine. Now he lives in Amsterdam.
Mmmm... he said when he last connected with me 10 years ago I was having health problems. Ja, thyroid. Was very sick though. And that was five and a half months of constant illness. Now I often feel perfect, even if it does not last forever. Told him I now had cancer and am starting radiation on Monday.

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