Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A two-tone day

Bounced up today. Had not slept too well but after my yoga poses and some exercises - feet up against the wall for 15 minutes; lying with body elevated on foams and knees bent with feet together, also raised, for 5 minutes; leg stretches with theraband and another stretch with bent knees for about a total of another 5 minutes - was more than ready to face the day.
"This is the new me!" I declared. Going to be exuberant and fun and not going to spend the night on the Internet but going to chat. No more heaviness. Enter lightness.
And it lasted for the morning.
Then went to therapy. Then dashed off home to fetch something. And by the time I came back to the office was feeling tired. By 4.30pm felt it was pointless sitting there. Was working but the nature of what I could do was limited. Felt the tiredness wash over me. So came home and lay down and kinda dozed.
Now got one hour to be online, then gonna chat and relax.
However, that does mean that starting to write my in interview with Ndumiso Ngcobo is not going to happen. Not tonight.
But not depressed. Maybe just a little groggy now. And that is probably because I extended the 45 minutes nap period - go any longer and you move into another sleep cycle and wake up groggy.
Starting tomorrow with the dentist - need to fit the crown which I was not able to do while on chemo. Then going to go to work and take it all in my stride - not get stressed and, even more importantly, not going to pop in anywhere during the day. Like "popping in" and had planned to pop into the tailor to collect my skirts being altered, the listeners' library to get a new CD book to listen to in my car and possibly Stax to buy a hand blender on my way back from the dentist but it's that type of popping in that tires me out. Trouble is cannot do all that on Saturday either, not if going to the Clive Chipkin talk on his new book Johannesburg in Transition read review and some info on it at Boekehuis and then write up my interview... ok, deep breath... somehow it will all get done.

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