Tuesday, May 12, 2009

bit sleepy today

Didn't sleep well last night. Think I was mostly awake between 2.20am and 4.20am or something like that and know I was thinking about cancer but cannot remember the details.
When I became tired at work today, I remembered why. Plain lack of sleep. Caused by anxiety.
Have got myself into a pickle re the interview I did. It now has to be handed in on Monday cos of upcoming space devoted entirely to the book awards. Now my stamina has been questionable but, hey forgot, worked out if I write a little on Friday afternoon while I wait for the pages, then write it on Saturday afternoon and again on Monday, should make it. Might need to cancel my teeth being cleaned though, to allow for an extra hour.
Not a good time to do extra work, as The Empathic One so wisely stated. Could him The Sage. One lives and learns.
Otherwise all well. Busy and under pressure at work but guess that is a good thing too.

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