Monday, May 11, 2009

saw radiation oncologist today

very tired. busy day, went to see radiation oncologist. she was the first specialist i saw after i was diagnosed and found her very friendly and helpful - my GP had recommended her cos she was so nice, he said.
But today felt she rushed through everything. I now see that I have to sign an indemnity form, saying everything was explained about the radiation - side effects and procedure and so on - but really i don't feel it was.

Today's appointment felt like i was on a conveyer belt and before I knew it, I was told to be measured for the radiation. Had a scan, they tattoed me - ja permanently with three little pin prick marks to ensure they place the radiation in the correct place and then I left, confused. Was I going to see the dr again and if so, when?

Went to the front desk to ask and they said I will see her weekly. The radiation is daily. Then I asked when would I see her and was told would get a form with my schedule probably on Monday when I came back.

Radiologist who did the scan and measuring gave me a booklet to read - it contains the indemnity form although that was not specifically mentioned - in fact, I just saw the booklet next to my bag and said: Is this for me?. The booklet is very helpful with a pleasing, friendly tone but still feel i want more explanation.
Anyway.... going to sleep shortly.

Tired. Today also interviewed a fab writer, Ndumiso Ngcobo, met my friend Carlos for a quick early supper and now fading. Got to up early to take car in for service.
Start radiation on Monday.

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