Friday, April 24, 2009

phew! blood tests are fine

Relieved. Blood tests are fine so leaving or lesotho tomorrow morning. Throat still sore but as I thought, clearly it's nothing major. Cannot be thrush I don't think if immune is fine but just in case, stopping off at pharmacy to buy more "liquid daffodils".
A bit disappointed that I am not getting to be in charge of something I wanted to be in charge of at work, but hell, guess it's good to have a strong emotion about something that is not cancer related for a change!
And anyway, one thing I have learnt here is that things change. And I maybe I can defiantly worm/wriggle my way in there (not anything official like I applied for a job here or something, just expressed an interest in it and deservedly so, but c'est la vie....)

So here's to a lovely weekend. Not going to be updating till my return.

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