Wednesday, April 29, 2009

some verbal snapshots of the past few days

Been back since Monday evening but been so busy since then am exhausted. Went to the theatre last night and saw a kak dance show - tomorrow night seeing the African opera Princess Magogo which I am looking forward to - plus work has been extra tiring as have to make up for Monday which was a public holiday.

Anyway, just some moments from my time offline:

* passing places en route with names like Clocolan

* seeing sheep grazing in the open field next to the house I was staying in, a young shepherd - he could not have been older than 10 - hitting them with a stick if they strayed

* trudging the market in Maseru, the capital of Lesotho, eating a mielie (corn on the cob) grilled on a brazier

* watching the pride on birgit's mother's face - birgit being the bride at the ceremony which welcomed her to her new Sotho family - when she was handed a Sotho blanket and proudly put it on

* buying a sesheshwe cloth skirt which I am wearing now for only R50.

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