Thursday, April 23, 2009

bizarre state of affairs

Am in the process of packing for a holiday I am not sure gonna go on. Throat is damn sore but not sure it is thrush as last time it wasn't just sore on its own but only when I ate and this time the liquid daffodils emulsion is not working.
Son I phoned the oncology centre and they told me to go for a blood test, a full blood count, which I did tonight.
Which brings me to the packing.
If my blood test is ok, and it's just a sore throat, I can go away. If it's not ok, then I cannot go. And who knows, might need antibiotics and ... I am speculating.
In the interim, I am packing as if leaving straight from work.
And as it's a road trip, I am not restricted by anything like weight or whether or not my case is easily manouvered, so I am piling in the clothes although, ironically, even if I do go, can only go out to the wedding on Sunday night and then able to go out again on Monday, which is also the day we would be leaving (Monday is a public holiday). So why I need all these clothes, I dunno.
Anyway.... here's to getting the blood test results tomorrow.

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