Sunday, March 8, 2009

sunday evening musings

Started feeling ill walking around Pick n Pay supermarket today and I wasn't even wielding a trolley or carrying a basket. My friend said I looked like I was just going to make it to the car, in other words, dreadful.
Spent much of this weekend not feeling so great which meant that apart from the fab dance umbrella gala show on Friday night and brief shopping on Saturday followed by lunch, did not go gallivanting this weekend.
Sipping ginger beer now (think it helps).
But otherwise, weekend was ok. Read more of the paper than I normally do even if much of it was boring, apart from some of Lifestyle and Travel & Food, which is always my favourite section. Mail & Guardian was boring too. Mike spoke this week of the problem of dull, boring and predictable papers.... mmmm.....

Oh incidentally, although am almost bald, finding the hairloss far less of an issue than before. The other side-effects of the chemo are far more debilitating such my still messed up tummy - despite The Tango Man's insistance that it did not seem to be a chemo side effect, not the way I had described it - and also, the dizziness I feel if I exert myself too much.

Oh, and once more bravo to yoga. Was about to take a pill for severe stomach cramps when did the feet up restorative pose instead, and voila! The pain subsided without the need for medication. Ok, it must have taken about 30 minutes but it went and is now gone.

Had some confusion today re whether tomorrow or tomorrow is seven days from treatment which was on Monday. But either way, this week is a non-going out week, apart from work, as my immune system will be compromised from last Monday's chemo. Hope I do some reading. Philip Roth's The Plot against America is darn heavy to keep carting around.

Oh and Friday, or it could be Saturday, marked eight years without smoking. Can barely believe it myself.

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