Saturday, March 7, 2009

bullshit shavathons

Yesterday was Cancer South Africa's (Cansa) Shavathon day which encourages people to shave their hair in solidarity of those who have bald heads cos of cancer. I think it's bullshit. Really. My friend wanted to go have his done - his dad is in remission - but besides being busy, I declined to go with him as I think it is total bullshit.
What does it prove?

Rather give money to a worthwhile cause like this DJ who clearly does not have medical aid and needs money to pay for his chemo:

Funnily enough, a friend of a friend at Dance Umbrella last night said: Oh I thought you had taken part in the shavathon, and could not believe it when I heard yours is for real (which really just proves that one might as well go around bald since everyone knows if you're wearing a hat anyway - although did think last night's black and white pin-striped trilby from Young Designers was pretty cool. Oh and apart from that and a few curious questions from friends I had only had internet correspondence with so far, managed to have a fab night without cancer or my hair loss being an issue, although do feel I tend to walk around less and go up to less people at functions now. Must overcome that.

On the other hand, got this broad smile of recognition from a woman at the Listeners' Library today. She clearly had no hair and not from some damn shavathon; she wore a tiny scarf. She was so excited to see me but think I merely gave a sheepish smile back. Smack!


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