Sunday, March 8, 2009

being a different person

I am a different person:

* I wear hats and now not only have to decide what to wear, but have to decide which hat/cap suits it, is different to the one I wore the day before or the last time I went to that place (or decide that does not matter);

* I eat differently so cannot merrily walk into a shop and buy food; I have to think about whether I can actually eat it/want to eat it; and also have to choose restaurants based on what I eat there rather than whether the place itself appeals;

* I feel different. I have to remind myself not to be too exuberant or, what I really mean, not to be too physically active (although today's stroll around a supermarket kinda took the cake....) and also not to stand too long - else I feel dreadfully dizzy and yuck.

None of this would be a hassle though, it's kind of an adventure, if only I did not feel sick. Don't enjoy the feeling yuck part. But having different tastes is not so bad as an interlude.

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