Friday, April 19, 2013

Was so unimpressed with gynaecologist today OR The patient from hell?

I had my check-up with the gynaecologist today.
A little less than six weeks because he is going away. I didn't wish him well.
Look the wound has healed wonderfully. I haven't looked but can feel.
I think he was pleased with his handiwork.
I still have an infection. Since I last wrote on this blog, was pretty unimpressed - especially when The Yoga Man sounded surprised about it - when I told his receptionist my symptoms and he sent a script.
I told him today I wasn't happy using a cortisone cream** so he prescribed a baby bum cream - and we both smiled about it - which contains zinc oxide and so is apparently good. He said I had a discharge. I am not aware of that; just aware of discomfort: burning,and general discomfort (the itchiness seems to have stopped).
I was very well behaved today. Discussed my dizziness if I moved around like walking into the clinic and up the flights of stairs to his office. He said it was good I was doing the stairs. I said I was doing them three days after the operation (those very stairs but I guess now doing them easier but felt dizzy).
He said my blood pressure was low. I said 115 over 70 was no lower than usual. (In fact when I saw The Tango Man last week it was 110 over 70).
He prescribed a tonic and I was placed the pharmacy there didn't have the full dose 'cos not sure will take it beyond a few days.
I then, very calmly, mentioned that I was still upset that I had had a hysterectomy because of a very small fibroid. And this is what so unimpressed me. He didn't respond. He didn't even look at me. I didn't pursue it.
He told me to come back in a year. He had previously said six months after the op. Guess that is the end of him and me.
I left very very upset. I felt all alone.
I have this major op and there is nobody to give me advice re getting back to fitness - guess that it what my biokineticist is and I didn't ask him the best exercises post hysterectomy - but I still felt like I could burst into tears. It is now quite a few hours since I left there.

Am I the patient from hell? Maybe...

** My one brother-in-law and my one friend have said they would hate to have me as a patient. Perhaps. But if I do not have a major, pressing problem and have been prescribed a cortisone product, can I not say I would prefer something else? I have taken cortisone tabs about three times for reasons I cannot even remember but those times it was necessary.
Maybe I am the patient-from-hell. But I am not going to kiss no doctor's feet because I now "do not need to worry about the tamoxifen". I didn't ask him to put my mind at rest. There was a 3% chance of my getting endometrial cancer and yes, I am thrilled I do not have cancer, and yes, I hated those Z-sampler or endometrial biopsies but I had them religiously every six months regardless, and anyway I was nowhere near getting endometrial cancer. Maybe he feels this was the only way to find out..... then he should have said it. But so be it. From The Patient From Hell.


  1. You are not the patient from Hell. He seems like the doctor from Hell.

    1. Thanks but I am not that sweet and can become aggressive (assertive?) when things/people/systems are incompetent. But I do understand even now whey I became so upset with the doctor. Have spoken to my GP and received a recommendation for a psychologist whom I am hoping to see this week.