Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pretending to be ok

When I arrived at the doctor for my post-hysterectomy check-up on Friday, the doctor asked if I had driven there. He seemed surprised when I said I hadn't. He had said I could drive from the 18th but I was being extra cautious; as I was seeing him on the 19th, thought I would wait.
It took me till today to drive. Had to go to my friend's daughter's 4th birthday party and as it was about a five minute drive down the road on a quiet weekend day, seemed a good option.
Felt a bit weird. Slightly uncomfortable. And I am short so reaching up to shut the boot ("trunk" for you Americans) hurt a little.
Felt a bit better coming home but then I was sooooo relieved to be going home that it might have aided the experience.
After two hours at the party I wanted to leave. Started feeling awful. Then decided: if I am going to be back at work in a week, better get used to being out. So I stayed. Nightmare.
Was soooo happy to be back home. Found my stomach hurt at the party and I didn't want to sit. Much preferred being home.
Tomorrow am driving to Rosebank, a little further away, to see The Lymph Lady. Then have another appointment in the afternoon.
A former neighbour, Mike, has come to visit from Paris. He says full recovery takes four months. My gynae said he had a patient who ran the Comrades after two  months.
If my normal is 10, then I am on 5 and a half. Scary. Sore. Horrifying.

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